San Diego 2000

San Diego_ Lake Hodges
Life is built on the choices we make, an endless series of crossroads. Growing up is learning that every choice we make limits the options left open on tomorrow’s horizon. A seemingly insignificant moment can quietly morph into a point of no return.

I moved to San Diego on December 31, 1999. Besides the impending Y2K disaster and the dawn of a new millennium, the move was a major crossroads for me.

More than one person has asked why I left Los Angeles after film school. Some days I have sufficient answers to that question. Other days, I’m convinced those answers are bullshit.

This is what I knew:

• The City of Angels was killing me. Enough said.

• I was itching to work on my own artist’s vision.

• Perhaps most significant: the art of film made my heart sing; the business of film throttled me. Success depended on networking. I would rather stick a hot poker up my nose than network for the sake of networking.

I fell in love with America’s Finest City and haven’t left since.


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