Pins on the Map: My Expedition

I’ve written 8 versions of my bio for this site. They’re terrible. Pulling all the pieces together into one coherent narrative was like watching drunk people do the Chicken Dance in their wedding outfits. So wrong it hurt.

While attempting version 9 & enjoying an Under Dog Atlantic Lager, I realized something. To outsiders, my life is a hot mess. My “story” is a collection of disparate vignettes that appear to have no rhyme or reason.

Unless you’re me. Then it all makes perfect sense, & I can tell you about the ugly underside of a quilt revealing a beautiful, master design on the other side. Some days. Other days, I’m certain I’m the lead in a Monty Python film & fully expect to read “Better luck next time” on my gravestone.

So I’ve decided to offer up exactly what I have in hand: pins on the map of my expedition so far, destination, unknown.

I can tell you this about my trip: the people I’ve traveled with are phenomenal, the lessons have been earned, & my Spirit Guides have never let me down. So despite lacking any structural integrity in my life’s narrative, I consider myself blessed over & again.